Need Twonky help


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Mar 28, 2008
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Anybody familiar with Twonky ??

I have ReadyNas Duo -> Naim Uniti. CDs all ripped into Flac with DBPowerAmp and all is fine.

Only issue I have is I'm using the N-Stream app on iPad2 to control and get no cover art.

After various threads the suggestion was to install the Twonky add-on. Having done this you get the option to "merge" in any existing Share(s) - which in my case I just called Flac. This works ok, but I now see two upnp servers - the original nas one and the Twonky share but no cover art on either !! I wondered if you have to copy all the flac files over to the Twonky share ??

anyone done anything like this ???


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Jun 25, 2009
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I use a Synology NAS and initially had a similar problem to you with the artwork. Turned out there was an unchecked tick box within the (pre-installed) Media Server which needed checking to decide between low-res and hi-res versions of the artwork.

Box ticked, artwork appeared fine. Worth checking the settings first before installing anything extra.

EDIT: Whoops, sorry, just read your last paragraph!


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