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need help choosing speakers


Apr 28, 2021
Looking to spend 500-600$ cad for speakers and a receiver/amp that i will use to listen to music in my appartment via either a turntable (rca) bluetooth from phone or directly connected to phone or maybe, depending on the speaker type, hook it up to the tv for movies aswell. was thinking of getting the sony strdh190 receiver which has all the plugs/bluetooth i need

I've been looking at those bookshelf speakers like the sony sscs5 or elac debut 5.2 ive heard good things about the dali spektors 2 but theyre a bit too pricey for what i'd like.

the dali spektors 1 would be borderline for speaker price (400 cad for 2)

i dont need anything with too much bass or too loud, i live in an appartment after all, but i would like clarity, i enjoy listening to classical music/jazz and a plethora of more modern music.

also if you think bookshelf speakers wouldnt be the way to go for my needs id love to know!

let me know what you think!
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Sep 1, 2014
both before tax, i could go a lil higher but thats a general ballpark

Hummmm that's hard, I think at your budget i'd look at second-hand, look for a nice Arcam AVR. plenty on ebay starting at the £$100 mark. You'll be able to up hook your tv digitally then.

Speaker wise an nice pair of kef cresta 2 would be nice or you could go with some kef q1s/3s

that would be a lovely little set up and should, should come in on budget.



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