Naim or Cyrus

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Aug 21, 2010
Baldee said:
Amp and cd player is set up and sounds great.

I do have a question to ask about the volume control on the amp I can not move it very far before it is way too loud.

Is this a running in thing or have I wired it wrong?

Anything above a quarter way up is party level music to me which is a suprise due to the big speakers???????

My yamaha rxn600d which the B&W came off used to be cranked up to -25db and be bearable.
Naim amps have very high input sensitivity and really set the gain far to high for digital sources. Your amp is producing almost maximum output with the volume set only to the 9oclock position.

probably a good idea to buy some attenuated interconnects to connect your cd player to your amp to allow you to use more range on your volume control.

If you have an old tape deck or turntable connect that and see how much further you can use your volume control.


Some things to consider here. :grin:

My room is 17ft wide by 23ft length but my listening position is 8ft away from the speakers which I have since moved the sofa back a few more feet and it has improved the sound a bit.

My cd and amp have been runing now for 48 hours and improving slowly.:grin:

I know what i am like and if i can find fault I will, especially if it means a new pair of speakers to go with the amp and cd player.



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