Nad,Rotel or other to match B&W.


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hello. i own a very old pair of B&W 602 S3's and i've recently been in the market for a new amp. I haven't heard the CM1's, but for my B&W nothing in my price bracket sounded right except for the Rotel RA 1520 (which is roughly 850 euro in my country - think it's like 700 quid in the UK). I have also auditioned Marantz, Creek Evolution 2 and XTZ Class A100 D3 - they all sounded harsh with my speakers except for the Rotel, and I love it's sound more and more every day :) .

Don't know about CD player, if you go for Rotel 1520 amp, I guess you can't go wrong with the matching CD player. I listened to my Rotel amp with Marantz 6004 cd player and it sounded good too.

But best advice is try to audition the several amps you're looking for with your own speakers. That's what I did, and it really made a difference - else I would've ended with a crappy match.


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Jan 17, 2012
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NAD an bw is a great match very musical IMO.

I get rid of it because the 356 is noot powerfull enough for the 683 I think. But heard it with the 684 an it was superb

So I guess it also great for the c1's an you still have money for a c545 cdp

otherwise if you feel a lack of power you can go for his big brother the 375 it's basicly the same amp but double the power.