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NAD C368

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New member
Jun 18, 2014
I may have the model number wrong but sure it was the 524 was skipping cds and not playing cds all the time after about 1 year


New member
Apr 22, 2014
think NAD is a great mid-fi brand. I have a 7240PE for half a year. At the end of februari I hooked it up to my 685s2. It sounded great, even fuller then my little TEAC. In comparison to the TEAC the NAD was like in the movies and the TEAC was more like easy listening with some balls.

Don't know if I ever buy a new NAD but the brand is good to me.


New member
Apr 9, 2011
I listened to it a few months ago when I was looking for a new amp. The demo was first on a pair of MO Silver 8 and then Triangle Genese. In both cases I found the sound very flat and lacks the punch and energy of other amps. However, we can clearly distinguish the instruments and vocals. In conclusion I was not convinced that this is an amp for me


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Jan 11, 2012
Reading this thread makes me think that my old Nad C325 Bee is on the verge of falling apart.
Don't think I'll worry too much though as it's about 10 years old and has been absolutely hammered, without missing a beat
Sounds great to me as well.
My last 2 amps actually did die a bit too soon.
One Rotel, and the other absolutely did fall apart, a Marantz as it happens.
Always looking to upgrade things like all hifi freaks though and always wondered what I would need to spend (when it does bite the dust) to significantly improve on it.

Garth Vader

Apr 4, 2021
The only NAD product I owned was a C515BEE CD player. It did the job for around 7 or 8 years without any problems. The thing played CDRWs and MP3s which was neat when I bought it (and it was very affordable).

A friend of mine has an integrated amp for some 15 years without issues as well but some people complain about NAD's reliability. Some people, well..many people indeed.
I am on my fourth NAD amplifier, currently the C368. Reliability has never presented itself as an issue in my experience. One bug with respect to the C368 though is that the control app works well enough, although connectivity is erratic. I assume that the same problem carries over to the other two models in the series.