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My old Mission 753 speakers

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Feb 19, 2016
For all lovers of the Mission 753's I thought it worth replying to this thread with my upgrades.

I have the Mission 753 Freedoms and a while back spent some time auditioning replacements. I didn't find anything I liked the look of that I liked under £2k so decided to upgrade the drivers instead.

For the mid/bass drivers I used Number One by Monacor SPH-135C as they were the closest match I could find to the originals. I did try the SPH-135KEP's, in just the mids, just the bass (both mixed with the 135C) and mid+base, but found that regardless of combination I preferred the sound when all were the 135C. I needed to make some wooden spacers to raise the drivers a little to avoid having to make the holes bigger.

For tweeters I used Scanspeak Classic D2905/950000. I needed to make the hole in the cabinet slightly bigger ( I used a drill with a sanding bit and ran it around the inside edge a few times ). I also added a 2.2 Ohm resister, in line with the positive wire, as they were a little bright.

Given that I needed to buy 10 drivers it wasn't cheap however it was much cheaper than buying new speakers.

The results..... Great! There is so much more detail in the sound now and still retain the warm tone of the originals. So I am very happy and will continue to use them until the cross-overs fail :) Then the next project starts!!

I also build a set of small speaker stands that raises them by about a foot, so the tweeters are just below ear height when seated at my desk. This has further improved the sound quality.

Hope this is useful information for someone.

Happy New Year!



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