My new amp is on its way...


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Aug 10, 2019
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... along with my new speakers!!

Finally took the plunge last week and ordered an Onkyo 705 receiver along with some 3005SE's which will take pride of place in my new front room which I getting on Thursday.

Have too questions cos I am impatient and can't wait...

1) How high should the speakers be mounted on the walls?

2) Does the 705 have a "secret" option menu like the 605 (to allow picture pass through at 1080 not 720 etc) which I should know about?

Am looking forward to spending a day (plus the rest...) setting these babies up. Even going to spend the time putting the cabling in the walls/under flooring etc before decorating.




I have the 605 dont know about a secret option but can help with the speaker hight if you reed the onkyo manual there is a section called about home theater (enjoying home theater) and in there is a diagram of a typical set up. surround speakers and centre speakers go around 1/3 up wall hight (or about 800mm-900mm) and sub not to close to any wall but in the corner of the room if you know what i mean. you can also move the sub around to get the best effect as it is a bit more flexable but as all rooms are different shapes the set up mic dose a very good and all the difficult bits for you.

other people may have different views but this is a good place to start you have a very good system enjoy.


The height of the speakers will depend on your height, seating and whether you normally sit up or lie on the sofa

Ideally the tweeter should be about the height of your ears, just like the centre of the TV should be in line with your eyes.


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