Musical Fidelity M2sCD


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Dec 10, 2020
Just bought the M2scd and find it disappointing. So disappointing in fact that I have made a resolve to replace most of my CD collection with vinyl originals wherever possible. Listening to Louis Andriessen's 'Death of a Composer' is a mixed bag. Yes, there is very good separation and detail but this is aggressive music, the brass punches and the sax is insistant but the M2 doesn't know what to do with it. 'Smooth' and 'refined' should not be applied to any mechanism that reproduces music. I would much rather see the terms 'flat' or 'accurate'. The player that this replaces was a Denon professional DN-C630, which couldn't find that kind of detail but it was more enjoyable. Tricky's 'Maxinquaye' is presented with no idea of nastyness and the balance seems wrong with too much being pushed into the background. Mahavishnu Orchestra is now heard also out of balance - the top end of guitar passages smothering everything. I cut between the CD and the record and yes there is a massive expansion of frequency range from the M2, but Cobham's drums, while detailed, don't sound like they're actually being hit. More top, more bass on the M2 and perhaps there is the problem. My turntable is an old Luxman with Dynavector MC cartridge. Drum heaven.