Moving house, time for an upgrade!


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello all,

My current system was mostly bought a good few years ago. Its given good service but i'm moving house soon, and it seems a good time to upgrade, as my amp has started making a persistent buzzing through the speakers and I'm not sure my current rear surrounds are going to fit very well in my new living room.

As it's been a while since my last hi-fi purchase, I was wondering if I could gain the benefit of some of your opinions? :)


Centre: B&W LCR6 S2
Fronts: B&W 602 S2
Rear Surrounds: Mission 77DS

My new house has an open plan living area, wheras my current one has a more traditional separate living room. I'm wondering whether the 77DS's are really going to work there. I'd like to also perhaps change to some stand mounted surround speakers as I'm not sure SWMBO will want me to run cabling up the wall. Most of the reviews I read now however are based on speaker packages - there doesn't seem to be much said about surround speakers in isolation. I have no complaints about the B&W's at the front (apart from the sheer size of the LCR6!), but would I be better replacing the whole lot for a speaker package? If not, what surround speakers would people recommend? And if my budget could stretch to it, do you think I would benefit from a sub? It's been something I always intended to get but never got around to ...

Surround Amp

Denon AVR3300

This is getting quite long in the tooth now but has been a great amp! Technology however has moved on, and I'm wondering what a current 'equivalent' would be. My listening/viewing habits are a fairly equal mix of listening to stereo music sources (mostly streamed via Apple TV from iTunes or Spotify) and watching Sky+ HD. I've seen good things written about Onkyo kit, particularly the SR608 and now the NR609, but given my usage I am wondering whether something like a Yamaha 667 might be a better option. Is there anything else I should be considering, especially given that the newest model releases are all expected fairly soon?


Pioneer DV-565A

This was a cheap and cheerful purchase but is showing its age a little now. I'd like to get into Blu-Ray but most of my viewing, as I said previously, is via Sky+ HD, so I want to keep replacement of this in the fairly budget or mid-range end of the market.

The rest
Pioneer PS-S703
Apple TV2
Sky+ HD

I'm fairly happy with all of this, so whatever I purchase just needs to be able to maintain connectivity with it! ;)

So what do you think? I am open to all suggestions, and will of course arrange to audition whatever makes the shortlist - I just need some help with creating that shortlist!! Cheers! 8)