Mordaunt Short???

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Jun 2, 2008
nads … Back in the early 1980s I owned MS Festival 2s and (soon after) AR18s.

Back then MS were hand made in a place called Durford Mill (located near Petersfield).

These were my old MS20i Pearl Editions …

(Used with Naim entry level amp/cd and tuner.)

The MS20i Pearls were a limited edition designed from scratch by Robin Marshall the founder/designer of Epos (MS still owned Epos at that time in 1998) with totally different bass/mid drivers and tweeters compared to the older 'stock' MS20. These were built in Havant, Hampshire before it all became just a ‘trademark’ badge for a Chinese company.

A little background …

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Feb 18, 2022
That Chinese company is Audio Partnership, the same that owns Cambridge Audio. There is a business connection with Richer Sounds, hence Richers being the only UK dealer selling CA kit.

The Aviano and Mezzo ranges were products of that set-up and were very competitive in performance, so I can only surmise that a decision was made not to give too much attention to what is an over-crowded part of the hi-fi market.