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Monitor Audio Silver 100 and system upgrades


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Oct 26, 2020
Hi All,

First time posting on the forum. Earlier this year I decided it was time to upgrade my system.

I was using a

Amp: Denon pma 720ae
Turntable: pro ject essential ii
Speakers: Dali Zensor 1
Phono pre: pro ject phono mm
Cd: Denon CD 720.
Streaming: Chromecast Audio

My plan initially was to start with the speakers but I got a fantastic deal on a clearaudio concept and arcam rphono that I couldn't turn down.

It's finally time for the speakers and I think I've settled on the Monitor Audio Silver 100s. Speaking with a sales rep in Richer Sounds he advised to upgrade my amp too in order to get the best out of the silver 100s. (Which I had on the cards). He suggested the audiolab 6000a. Which looks like a good amp. Does anyone have any other pairing ideas or even some older amps I could pick up second hand that would be a good match?




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