Monitor audio Rx1 or Dynaudio Dm2/7 or 2/6: which better at low volumes

Frank Harvey

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Jun 27, 2008
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Depending on your amp's ability to bring the bass out in your speakers, all three should be pretty good. The DM 2/7's will be a little better than the DM 2/6's because of the larger bass driver that will shift more air. The Dynaudios are a little smoother than the RX1's, so I'll leave you to decide whether the slightly smoother Dyn's will be more listenable, or the slightly brighter MA's will bring out more detail at low volume :)


I've demoed those speakers with Yamaha A-S500 and QBD76 DAC.

I was surprised how good and powerfull RX1, despite it's a small speaker. For me it's in another league than MA BX2 and I would advice it anytime if the choice would be between those two.

Whatever good RX1 is I think that Dynaudio DM2/7 is simply better in every aspect,the soundstage is bigger and more precise, positioning and separation is a lot better, low tones are controled better and more dynamic. (Can't remember now exactly, but I have a feeling that RX1 was more boomy while DM2/7 was a lot tighter). Midrange is more open on DM 2/7 while high tones are actually more accented on RX1 and they make bettrer first impression in head to head comparsion with DM 2/6 or 2/7 but that's only a first impression and you quickly realise taht Dynaudio are a lot more natural,and smoother yet they don't lack any details at all, and got even more details than RX1. RX1 high tones are kind of a hard and metallic due to the metal tweeter. While Dynaudio are just natural and a pleasure to listen. Never been tired with them and never was have to turn the volume down.
I would compare DM2/6 to RX1 thay a lot closer while RX1 got stronger bass, not sure if controled better. DM 2/6 are really good speakers and I would struggle to chose between RX1 and DM2/6 but I think I would chose DM 2/6 due to the amount of details and natural sound signature.
If you compare 2/6 and 2/7 you got a great speaker taken to a next level in every single aspect. I.n my opinion DM 2/7 are so much better tahn 2/6 ou got more of everyting. (sorry for my english can't explain it really) Basicaly more control more dynamism, soundstage more open and airy positioning more acurat and in is not boomy at all. I used to have those speakers relatively close to the wall(about 30cm to the side wall and about 20 to the back wall yet thay wasn't boomy at all. Now I got them abot 110cm from the side walls and about 75cm from the back wall. As you can imagin everything is better now bigger soundtsage etc.

Low volumes are no problems at all with my Yamaha A-S500 so you shouldn't have any problem to drive them, and when I was testing those speakers with QBD76 everything inc. low levels was unbelievably better. (not like with teac UDH-01 with was worse than my upgrated Xonar ST - I was have to return it to the shop and changed it for DacMagic plus Only a bit better than my Xonar not worth to pay 350 for the difference so returned it as well - yes I know You cant compare budget dac to QBD76 but the difference is so amazing I would say more than 10 times which is the price difference)
Hope this helps you but the best thing is to have a listen yourself.


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