mobile phones repeaters are new?


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Dec 16, 2019
yes that ugly looking mast (often white for some reason) and that device that rings when you are in bed because you forgot to switch it off.

But actually the modern mobile phone is not new at all that using repeaters stations all around the world. In fact amateur radio enthusiast used similar mobile unit through repeaters back in the late 60s an analogue e system ,whereby a small transceiver ( known as a mobile phone now) could contact via a repeater aerial ( often on a hill ) The range varied ,depending where the repeater and where the user (we cannot even get Vidophone connection here at times) . A simply small radio simialr in size to a mobile. would transmit into the repeater from say 5 miles , but anyone within that repeater range , could here him ( this could be as much as 30 miles away. But unlike now the repeaters are not connected to each other . The furthest contact i have had using one of these was 200 miles , but in very good conditions. i doubt if any 4G has anywhere near range for than a couple of miles away .
They call this progress , is it?
Its not at all progress it is steps backwards . having to relie on a ugly mast every 2 miles for your connections . We here in rural Essex have very limited connections here as we on the borders of a service at all .
is there a way of reducing these ugly things ? not with the current technology . But i have a n idea . watching Formula E they use a device to charge the racing cars as they race ( this will come on motorways in 5 years time . But could a similar device not only charge mobile phones but also be used to transmit signals instead of using repeaters?


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