mobile phone via cable ?


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Dec 16, 2019
this is how i look at the future ! The system we have now be it 5G 6G or even 10G is going to be soon replaced and probably in 10 years now. By two systems of connections at far higher speeds , than we have today . 1 the satellite phone system with low orbit satellites 2 upgrading the phone system of cables underground , The reason is simple each time our friendly Government introduces the next generation of mobile phone systems , the distance between each "repeater drops to mere a mile or so , and having ugly looking aerials all over the place. ( they will have to go and go soon . Everyone wants a faster and faster downloads and faster communications . But there is a problem . In rural areas with hills and valleys this system struggles very badly ( in our case it does ) We suppose to get 4G here ,but often get that no service available O2 is the worse here , yet there is a 4G and 5G tower a mile away in Kelvedon hatch . This was not helped by Essex County Council banning all mobile phone masts in schools ( ie being zapped ) This was actually true with the old phone systems 20 years ago . They was worried about being sued for kids getting cancer ( i kid not) .
But we do not know what potential health issues where might be , in the future ,if they continue with 6G and beyond. The question should now be asked how long has the digital mobile phone system has got ? (what we have now) 10 years in my view , that is all . The system of digital phones is full of holes and range is a real problem . The range of the repeaters has got shorter and shorter when each new digital system is introduced needing more and more repeaters.. Hold on guys our Amateur radio repeater system of VHF/UHF( introduced i think in the 1970s ) has a range of up to 20 miles or so . But relies on the conditions not the distance between you and the repeater. On the digital system of repeaters , we use as well ( for free) I have had many contacts with a repeater in new Zealand . So why does not the mobile phone system use the same method. A very good question " MONEY" they would make any money out of it at all. some years back we introduced a free mobile phone amateur digital radio system . ( it has a number of names ie different system DMR and OPENSPOT X system D Star ) But lacks video or anyway to download anything .. But as a chat system it is great . and very reliable . no cut offs in the system , as we have today . . One problem guys , you need to get an amateur radio licence . Note there are other digital systems that anyone can get without a licence or any fee for that matter.


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