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Matching amplifier for Dali Rubicon 2

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Jan 27, 2011
drummerman said:
jonathanRD said:
Maxprocrj said:
Personally I have eyes upon a Demo stock of 14 S1 & PM 8005 .

Any idea of Exposure as audition is not possible.
This is a link to my thread about my eventual amp purchase, which also links back to my demo journey. http://www.whathifi.com/forum/hi-fi/exposure-3010s2d-pre-2-x-3010s2-power-amps
Its been a while since I have heard exposure but my memories of them (post Farlowe) was one of a slightly boring and rather Hifi sound. I didn't get on with the 2010 (original) I had at home for a trial. It lacked get up and go. I found Cyrus more to my liking.

As to older Exposure products, they have a fan Base and are (reportedly) sounding different.

Can't comment on the latest line.
My original plan was to listen to as many amps as practically possible but thinking back at no stage did Cyrus become an option. The one dealer who did stock them at no point suggested an audition despite the 8 series being within my budget. They were more focussed on Naim, Rega, and Arcam. Another dealer was supporting Naim, Exposure and Creek. In the end I based my decision on being able to demo over 3 days at home rather than any short, less than ideal demo in a shop.



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