Marantz PM7000n and HEOS vs NAD C368 and BluOS


Apr 5, 2022
I need advice on the best amp and the best streaming service.
I am going to be hooking the amp up to my Q Acoustic 3020is and Subwoofer.

I would like a good quality amp that matches the speakers.

Any advice on HEOS vs BluOS? Especially around longevity of their offerings. I don't want to invest in an amp and then the streaming service to become out of date.

Is it true that NAD has more capacity for adding future features and upgrades than Marantz?


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Is MQA important to you, or will it be? If not then HEOS is great, has both Spotify Connect and its own version of Tidal Connect.

Let me explain the latter, you will connect to Tidal within HEOS, your playlists etc will be available, but you won't be actually using the Tidal app. Yes it's perhaps not the ideal UX but it gets the job done, and NO it's not using Bluetooth so you'll get the full resolution, except for MQA.

So I would say don't worry about the platform, decide rather which equipment you rather like.

Admittedly though, Blu OS is a bit more polished. But Andrew Robertson did not have a great experience with the NAD C700! So a good platform can still be poorly implemented.

I would avoid the DTS PlayFi platform though, it seems DTS is not really interested in putting any effort into it, as long as it can get licensing revenue.

Cyrus is busy developing BluOS based products.


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