Question Marantz music streaming problems


Feb 16, 2021
I have a Marantz M Cr603 that is connected to a music server on a Synology NAS via an Asus router (all hard wired) which has been working fine for a number of years, with the occasional times when it needed a power cycle to find the network.

Recently I have noticed that this (server list empty) is getting a lot more frequent, and I am also getting stuttering of the music during playback. The buffer appears to remain constant at 100% during playback so I have no idea what's causing the stutters.

I have ruled out a server issue as the Synology streams fine to another device (LG TV), so I can only think it has to be a problem with the Marantz.

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem? If so did you manage to fix the issue, or do you think it's time for a new unit?


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