Loudspeaker Mega round-up July 2012


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Aug 10, 2019
In the mega round-up the Rega RS3's are described as an outstanding choice for those of us with smaller listening rooms. As one mans palace can be another mans prison cell just what is a small listening room in relation to the RS3's (10'x8', 12'x12'?).

No point giving a product demerits without giving some idea of where the trade off becomes a problem. Come on WHS&V, give the readers a clue.......


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Jun 2, 2008
Our living room is about 21' x 14' (8ft ceiling) and my R3s 'fire' across the width of the room. Allowing for depth of speaker + distance from the wall + position of chairs the listening distance is about 8.5'.

There are also large, solid wood, book cabinets to either side (both around 3 feet distant from each speaker) one against a reflective wall and one forming a bit of a room 'divider'. Both are full of books/boxes, DVDs etc.

Essentially this makes this end of the room (with the hi-fi) a 12' x 14' space with the speakers seperated by 6' distance.

I have the R3s pulled forward a bit so their fronts are clear of the TV/Humax/Marantz etc. I used to have the side mounted bass speakers firing inwards but now they fire out (into the bookshelves 3 feet away from from each).

Solid floors (with thick Dunlop underlay and carpet) and solid brick walls on all sides (Edwardian house).

I use the carpet piercing spikes.

Although I tend to listen at 'moderate' levels normally, I have turned the wick up on a few occasions and the R3s have no problems filling the space.

Mind you, my idea of 'turning the wick up' might not be the same as yours. Some like the sound at 'ASBO' levels! I don't think the RS3s would be for you if that were the case.

What size is your room? Is it very reflective?

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Mar 1, 2008
While we're on the subject of this speaker mega test. In which shop can you buy the Neat Motives for £945?? Mine cost me a good deal more than that over a year ago. Did you actually check the current list price WHF? :?


Many thanks for the prompt reply Jebby. It sounds like you have the palace end of the scale! My listening room is 12x10, traditional Victorian build with 9' ceiling, carpet, sofa and arm chair, not overly reflective so the RS3's probably won't be lost. Can't turn the wick up too much as being a semi you have to respect your neighbours, well I think I try. I'm running an old planar 2 into an similarly old Onix OA22 and was considering changing my speakers (currently a pair of Polk RT5's retired from home cinema set-up) and was torn between the EB2's and the ATC SCM11's but the rega's sounded link a tempting proposition. The mega round-up has got the upgrade bug running rife again......
Just wish I had been able to find a pair of Rega's to audition, unfortunately or not, I had to decide between EB2's and ATC SCM11's - it was the EB2's by a nose! Oh and a few quid.
My room is 16 x 12ft. I think from what I now hear that the RS3's might have been perfectly adequate for that sort of space.


Hi-fi is full of choices but with the upgrade bug running rife it never just ends with one purchase and the RS3's would leave just a little more in the pocket for some other cool stuff like a nice Dynavector 10x5 cartridge to replace the well worn K9 thats been seeing fine service for many years......hmmm



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