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Jun 3, 2021
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Hi I recently had a new extension built, as part of the build i had installelled 4 speaker wires all going back to the Sonos amp so that i could have 4 Sonos ceiling speakers. I had 2 of the speakers installed, the other 2 speakers i was going to install once some further work had been completed. I then was away for a short while. When I came back the builder had boarded/drywall and plastered and painted the ceiling, which is what i expected. However, he had not left me any indication on the location of the speaker wires for the remaining 2 speakers.

Is there anyway to locate these wires, ideally I would need an xray machine that can see through plasterboard/drywall.

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have sent a signal down the wire using a network cable tracer, which successfully emits a tone to the 2 installed speakers (obviously) but i have tried to locate a tone where i believe the speaker wires could be, but i am just not getting a signal as the plasterboard/drywall is to thick.

Without having to rip part of ceiling down is there anyway to trace these 2 speaker wires.

Many, Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


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As you will need to make a hole where you want the speakers to go, why not make a small one (I presume you left the cables roughly where you wanted them to be) and use a small flexible inspection camera to locate them. (You could probably even hire one rather than buying one)


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One of these should do the trick.

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