Listening to music for the first time on your Hi-Fi

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Nov 23, 2007
I purchased Damien Rice's new album today and had one of those wonderful experiences of being really immersed in some new music played on what is, quite frankly, a pretty amazing system. Its a beautifully nuanced and layered album and my kit became totally transparent, allowing all those layers and nuances to unravel very naturally in front of me. One of the best 50 minutes of listening I've had recently.


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Feb 19, 2012
I love listening to music for the 1st time on my set but really enjoy'listening' to it once I know it.

I appreciate the production especially if it's good.

I'll spend weeks and months going through an album and will analyse my favorites over years. I buy albums on a whim by artist I don't know.

With me some tracks I may skip have a way of becoming favorites. And discovering fine detail is always cool - especially when I hear music I have on the t.v on radio or wherever at much reduced resolution.


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