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Left channel cutting out intermittently on Roksan Kandy Power amp


New member
Aug 10, 2019
Hey Guys

Sooooooooo i was enjoying my Hi-Fi late on Friday night (at a very low volume level) when suddenly the left channel cut out. I turned off the amp, checked the cables and turned back on and all was well. Until the next day when the same thing happened again. The left channel always resumes playing once the amp is turned off but to me it now seams every so slightly quieter (although I imagine this effect is psychological).

I purchased the amp less than year ago from a dealer in town but it was sold to me as ex-demo so i'm not sure if the same warranty rules apply. I know the dealer very well and he is really struggling to keep afloat at the minute. That aside when i go in and see him on Monday what should i be entitled too considering the modal in no longer in production - refund, K2?

Many Thanks



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