Kii Audio's wireless speaker system with hi-res streaming could be a potential KEF-killer


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In price terms its obvious rival to me is the KEF LS60. As it happens, I heard the LS60 and the new Kii Seven at a show yesterday - yes, that one at Ascot from a rival journal.

Both sounded excellent, I thought. The LS60 worked better in KEF’s room to my ears than the Blade 2 Meta that they also played. The Kii Seven was more open and live sounding.

The huge caveat is that in an unusual environment with unfamiliar music, it’s hard to judge, but both are thoroughly modern and connectable speakers, not really meant to have traditional Hifi separates plugged in, though probably a TV will be used by many.

As I remarked to a companion, they are like audiophile Sonos speakers!