KEF 102 Reference Series + Kube and a new Onkyo 506 AV


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Aug 10, 2019
OK.... here goes. I have an old setup consisting KEF 102's + Kube, Denon DRA Receiver, Marantz CD.... anyway - its all 20 years old. Just purchased an Onkyo 506 to build a Home Cinema setup and to use the Zone 2 feature to drive my much loved KEF 102's.

Heres the problem..... I need a Tape Monitor loop to make the Kube work (no Kube = no mid and bass!). My attempts thus far have proven fruitless.... Anyone out there know how I can get the KEF's configured to work wuth the Onkyo??

If I cant hook up the KEF's..... what other AV amp would give me a Tape Monitor?

Failing this ...... what recommends for a bookshelf speaker would you good folks have for me?

Thanks all.... my first post, so be gentle...


More info on the Onkyo tape monitor... the rear of the manual has an explanation that the Input/Output loop for Tape does not function as a monitor. This is to prevent any damage to the AV as a result of too big a signal.. So - the only option that I have is to buy a new set of bookshelf speakers.

I'm interested in KEF, B&W, Quad or Monitor Audio. Suggestions welcome.....


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