Joining sky..... again!


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Aug 10, 2019
Well, after being with virgin media for 10 months, ive decided to join sky again, this time for the white sky+ box, with an additional basic box in the bedroom, all for 28 squids. What i would like to know is as i was with sky before and so still have the dish on the house, will they replace that and the cabling for new, or just use what is already there?


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Jul 31, 2008
It's common practice for installers to use your old dish/cabling, and as long as the dish is still in good condition isn't a problem.As you're having 2 boxes installed, the most important part of the dish,the LNB will be replaced with a quad LNB anyway and the extra cabling to feed the second box. Having said that you're entitled to new equipment as part of the installation, so if your not happy with the old dish/cabling being used get the installer to change it!


Well said that man.

Exactly what I did and the engineer said 'no problem'



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Oct 16, 2008
I've got a feeling they pre-allocate a dish and lnb, just in case. I went to Sky HD with Sky + multiroom the other week and was expecting to have to argue for an 8-way LNB to accomodate the additional satellite feed for the new TV I've got coming, put the installer looked at how far away I wanted to run the second Sky+ box, announced that after all that distance and the number of bends in the cable there'd be no signal left, so promptly fished another dish out of the van and stuck that on a different side of the house, without a hint of sucking of teeth, so I've got TWO dishes now, one for each box! He also replaced the old quad lnb with a new one, because it was knackered. Result...


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