James Bond: most/least favourite?

Connery was really good in the 60s Bond, but 'Never Say Never Again' was a complete joke. He had visible grey hair and it had the awful Roman Atkinson. I loved Atkinson in 'Not the Nine O'oclock News' and Blackadder, otherwise he's one dimensional.

'Orrible Bond film.

Fav Bond, only because he was the first I saw.... Roger Moore. Very underrated as a actor. Every programme or film he always had a twinkle in his eye.

Didn't like Timothy Dalton's Bond. Quite liked Brosnan interpretation of the Bond films.

Daniel Craig not seen any of his Bond films, but other films he's been average.

Who's yours?
Roger Moore - Live And Let Die. Real humour, real baddies, proper bond girl and Q with his mad inventions.
Agreed. Live and let die not only has the traits you mentioned, but IMO one of the best Bond soundtracks.

Also like Man With The Golden Gun, maligned by so-called experts but with a flying car, a midget assassin and the wonderful Christopher Lee, what's not to like?
Strange as Bond throughout could have been very different. Apparently, Cubby Broccoli, looking for a ideal person to portray Bond, saw The Saint and offered Roger Moore, because Moore had a long contract to play Simon Templar, he had to decline. Up steps Connery.

In the mid 80s Broccoli interviewed Lewis Collins (Bodie from The Professionals) to replace Moore but didn't impress at the interview. Instead they brought in Timothy Dalton.


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Nov 15, 2019
The first 3 Bond films are worthy. If I had to pick one it would be Goldfinger.
The worst by far is Casino Royale (1967 version), followed by the one with Christopher Walken, whose title eludes me.

Craig for me - too many gaps in my Bond experience from the nineties on though, so no opinion on the worst.
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Craig for me - too many gaps in my Bond experience from the nineties on though, so no opinion on the worst.
Think Craig is more Timothy Dalton than Roger Moore. Nothing wrong in that as they are both very good actors, and they are trying to keep as close to the original Fleming books as possible.

Just IMO Moore picked up and played on the fun side, but he could only go by the scripts he was given. Some of the later Roger Moore outings weren't good....


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