Question Issues with Bose/Audio Pro A26 --> need help with HIFI for Macbook Pro


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Dec 10, 2020
Dear all,

I hope that I will be able to find an answer with your help.

I always wanted to have a better sound when I do Photo editing work in Photoshop.
I need a solution for my desk. Some years ago I purchased BOSE Companion 50 and was surprised that these speakers have some noise. You plug then and hear the noise even without listening to anything yet. Bose admitted that it is the case and I returned them.
Several years went by and I decided to give a go once again. I have purchased AudioPro A26 and guess what, they also have this noise. When you are close to the speakers, you hear it. As I listen to classical music and they sit on my desk, the noise is even heard through the music.

I even contacted the Audio Pro and this is what I got: "Thank you for your mail.
Yes, there is a small noise from amplifier.. If you have them as TV-speakers and sit from 2-3m away this couldn't be heard but i understand if you have them really close this could be heard..Not sure if that's going to be completely removed by a firmware..

Best regards,
Audio Pro Tech Support Team"

I wanted to ask you, is there a solution that I can have for my desk? HIFI quality sound, ideally wireless (but not a mandate) and no noise?



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