Is Denon avr-x3300w good for stereo?


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Mar 18, 2013
I was planning to get a Cambrigde CXA60 or Rega Brio and along with Dynaudio Emit M20 to enjoy music from Apple Music via bluetooth or AppleTV. After reading a plenty of reviews, I have finaly realized non of these has the same handicap of not having any connection of HDMI. On the other hand, althought Denon 3300w is an A/V reciever, it has all the features I need and even more. So, in the future, I may even expand the system to a home theather by getting 3 more Emit M20. Am I right on the track or totally got lost? Thanks
It's all down to your expectations and what you're looking for. Find a dealer who stocks the Denon and book a demo, and try it out against a couple of two channel hi-fi amplifiers to see what sort of quality you're getting for your money, and see if the 3300 is all you need. And try both with the source you're likely to use.


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Aug 28, 2015
Looks like functionality is important to you. Just consider this : the denon 3300 gives you the functionality of a Yamaha wxc-50+ any 2 channel stereo amp . So if functionality is important id go with a avr. It would also give you the flexibility to expand to a full surround system in the future. And when budget permits, you could use the front LR pre-outs to a external stereo amp to enhance the stereo performance for 2 channel music. I have a dedicated HT system and a seperate stereo system . And I enjoy both equally. I started with one like you, and went with a avr to begin with. My HT system sounds as good as my stereo system if not better, because it uses a subwoofer and room correction, which my stereo system doesn't have. So go ahead with your denon 3300. All the best.