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Aug 10, 2019
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I have a 160gb ipod classic whith all my music as apple lossless. The problem i have is that on various songs the music just cuts off then comes back on. As much today that whilst playing a track the music stopped came back on then off as if it was a scratched/corrupt cd then the ipod jumped to next track in list as it could not cope with previous one. this happened 3 times on different tracks. i have had this problem on more than occasion but was very annoying as i was testing my new i deck 100 which i must say is fab :) . Any ideas?

John Duncan

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Stupid questions first - do they stutter when you play them in iTunes? Do they always stutter in the same place?

if the answer to both of these is no, I suspect a trip to the genius bar is in order (and a repair imminent).


I have not played thru i-tunes yet, but only 1song ,( Faithless Insomnia) out of 3475 skips at the same place.

I have a original bose sounddock, the ipod would skip on this frequently, i now have a new Monitor audio I deck 100 :), the ipod skips and jumps to next track a lot more than the bose. The ipod plays in the car thru the original lead that came with device to the usb in car without any problems at all (over 4 hrs). This leads me to think ipod is ok.

Also the ipod plays fine thru the earphones and i have a Chord lead from the headphone jack to the back of my Rotel amp and playback is fine aswell.

This is what i have done so far-

I have restored ipod to no avail

I have only put Faithless album on ipod but imsomnia skips. To see if a particulat part of hdd was corrupt.

I have loaded Now 79 and 80 cds straight from the box without being played to see if its dodgy discs.

After all this the ipod still skips with no particular pattern on dock.

Hope someone can help


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Feb 10, 2010
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It's sounds like the hard drive is failing. Mine won't allow me to add individual tracks. If I try, it just hangs and when I unplug it, there appears to be no music on it. I then have to do a full resynch. I took it to an Apple Store who said it is about £95 to replace the drive. I decided against it and have just done 1 last resynch and can play from it (docked on my Zeppelin), but obviously cannot copy anything new to it. I bought an iPod Nano for on the move and love it.


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Feb 26, 2009
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I remember with my 3rd generation ipod (ie. 2003 model) it would have brief skips at the same point in songs when in lossless format, and this was to do with the RAM of the ipod I think. That is to say that the music file is loaded from the hard drive into the ram and then processed. If that model had, say, 16mb ram, that would load maybe 4 songs in a lossy format. When in lossless format, a 20mb file would stutter as it needs to load the remaining part of it from the the hard drive into ram in order to play it.

It would do this at the same point in longer tracks in lossless format.

Could be a possibility?

With regards to not letting the ipod sync/failing drive, sometimes formatting the ipod using disk utility on OSX or windows explorer then restoring it and whatnot in itunes would solve that problem from what I recall. Obviously, if the drive has had it you might lose the music you can at least play. Seems strange that it can still read music though, and write some data (ie. updating play counts etc), and i suppose it is still possible to create playlists on it, so data is still being written to it I think.

Just some thoughts. Hope that helps someone.


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