Intermittent speakers crackling problem


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Aug 10, 2019

I am tearing my hair out over a problem I am having with one of my speakers..

Speaker probs.. I have mordue short 904i speakers and Cambridge audio 540a V2 amp. I have had the speakers and amplifier both for approx 3 years. I run my laptop and my tv through this set up..One of the speakers at intermittent times will begin to crackle a little bit... this will then progress to the music cutting out and back in again... and on some occasions the music dies in that speaker all together. On some occasions it will work fine for a whole day. I have tried swapping the speakers to different amp channels (without changing the wires). Prob occurs with same speaker and other on is still fine. So its not the amp or wires (I dont think). I get the problem with music from laptop or from TV so its not either of them (again I dont think). Im no expert.. The shop I bought them from has been testing the dodgy one for 2 days and say everything works fine and that they have never heard of a problem like this occuring. So Im picking it back up from them tonight. Any ideas on what I do next? Thanks C


We had a similar problem with a new Samsung C6930W home cinema bluray system. Samsung couldn't offer a solution but offered to replace the system as it was only 3 weeks old. The crackling (mostly from the tall speakers and sounded almost electrical/interference)continued to worsen. I figured the problem must be to do with the wiring - the childishly simple solution was I took out the wires from the speaker connections, folded the wire back on itself (doubled the thickness) and pushed them back into the speaker so that no bare wire could be seen outside the speaker socket/receivers. 1300 watts on full volume, no crackle!



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