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Infuriating faulty hifi, why did it have to go so wrong?


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Jan 2, 2008
My first hifi was a Denon separates system, TT, cassette, amp and speakers. Sadly, it did not last long because of an infuriating fault. One speaker played at a higher volume than the other. The problem appeared to be in the amp since after swapping the speakers about the fault was still on the same side. At the time I lived way up north so no engineer would attend. So three times I took it back to either my parents or the shop, set it up, and it would work faultlessly!! Totally infuriating. Eventually I got my money back.

I know from other posts that these kinds of infuriating faults crop up reasonably regularly in people's systems. Why do such faults happen? I would be especially interested in the views of the manufacurers who contribute to the forum.



If I may I will add my own experience - very recent one! My Onkyo 725 stopped reading 1/2 of my CDs, funnily enough it wouldn't read CDs from major studios but would occasionaly read my own burnt CDs... I sent it back and with some CDs and retailer tested it for a few days, only to come back to say there seems nothing wrong with it and it plays all the CDs just fine.

I ended up returning it and paying a re-stocking fee...frustrating indeed.



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