In Wall Speakers - Question for Andrew


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Aug 10, 2019
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Has the ever been a What HiFi review of in wall speakers - I can't seem to find anything in the archives! I'm building a new extension and was considering 3 B&W CWM 6260 Front and centre built in to the TV cabinet and then using B&W M1 Rear speakers. With these I was considering the REL Quake.Only problem is that it seems impossible to actually test this set up out - noone seems to have any that I can listen to. Is it ok to mix and match like this? Any advice? FYI am considering use with Onkyo TX SR 875 (after the recent test - looks awesome!) and Pioneer PDP 508XD. Will also use for music via the Onkyo and a Sonos Setup. Big thanks you for any light you can shed on the question.


I'd love this too. My folks are about to knock down and rebuild half an Oast House in Kent along with renovating the rest and were recommended inwall speakers that I'd never heard of before, at well over £1000 a pair.

Now I want their system to rock but also to be discrete. This must be a common issue. Could you cover it in a group test and "round-up"? There are probably two categories, Mid price and high end.



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