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Aug 10, 2019
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Afternoon fellow Whathifiers,

I am in the market for some in-ear headphones. They are going to be a present for my dad who will be using them almost exclusively with an iPod Touch.

The music he will be listening to will be mainly rock (he is really into Joe Bonamassa at the moment) and he loves his bass. When I say he loves his bass, if I visit when he is listening to music, I am horrified as to how distorted things sound.... but each to his own.

Obviously this presents a problem when looking at the in-ear headphones. I did recommend that he bought some Sennheiser CX300's, but he didn't like them based on the bass they put out and that they kept falling out of his ears even with the biggest buds on.

In the search for bigger bass, I have stumbled upon the SoundMAGIC brand. Everyone comments about the bass capability and obviously the E10's have won a Whathifi award this year. I have been looking at the E10, PL30 and PL50 models but can't decide what to get him.

My main concerns are:

1, Bass

2, Ear buds that stay in

I am open to suggestions on other brands and I also would consider adding on something like the Comply foam tips.

Thank you in advance for any advice!!


PL30 SoundMAGIC in my opinion.


Well.... I ended up on the headfi forums yesterday and they all seem to be really impressed with the Xears over there.

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the Xears TD III v2. While I was there I also treated myself to a pair of Nature 3i's seeing as the good folks at headfi provided me with a discount code which got me both pairs delivered from deutschland for £60.

Btw, the voucher code that still works on the Xears website is KLANGFUZZIS, and will get you any pair of headphones from the site for €30 + €8 international delivery. Delivery cost does not seem to go up regardless of qty and the voucher code applies to anything and everything you put in your basket. BARGAIN!


I have Senheissers CX300II''s and they are amazingly insightful, musical and capable without being to brash or lightweight when you push them. Won't be upgrading until they're absolutely knackered and Ive had them for nearly 4 years and still going strong. £20 or less now as they've been discontinued!


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