How To Improve Quality of Vocals/Dialogues with Revel Speakers


May 30, 2021
Hi Everyone,

This is my first post, so please have patience with my ignorance on the subject.

I have just moved from Bose Lifestyle Home theatre to Revel Speakers + Lexicon RV6. Overall sound quality is good, but I find the voice to be rather harsh- felt like its missing the depth! My set up is going to change next week a bit as the Center and AV Amp are on loan from the dealer due to late arrival of the purchased products from the manufacturer. I am providing below my current set up and new set up ( from tomorrow -31st May'21):

A. Current Set up: Front L/R: F208, Center: C32, Rear L/R: S16, SW: B1, Atmos: CRS 5.2, Amp : Lexicon RV6
B. New Set up : Front L/R: F208, Center: C208, Rear L/R: S16, SW: B1, Atmos: CRS 5.2, Amp : ARCAM AVR10
Media room area : 6 Meter ( 20 ft) X 5 Meter ( 16 ft)
Center Speaker Position: Just Below TV; The centre of centre speaker is 30 inch ( 76 cm) above the floor level.
Listening preference: 80% Blu Ray Movies/ TV shows/Netfilx/Apple TV+ 20% Stereo music from Spotify/Tidal
Current Issues: 1. Harsh Dialogues 2. Not impressive quality overall surround sound below 60 Db volume level

The dealer told me that he will calibrate the set up to reduce the harshness of the voice/dialogues. But he also told me that I need to dial up to 60 Db or above volume level to get immersive sounds experience.

Help/Advice needed:

1. Is my 'New Setup' good enough for above average level of overall sound quality. If not, what is my weakest link?
2. Can the harshness of dialogues be fixed with C208 & calibration of new ARCAM AVR 10 amp?
3. Is the dealers explanation of ' Better sound experience beyond 60 db' a reasonable explanation. If not, any advice what can be done?

Looking for all the help I can get from the forum to make a better decision.



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