Humax PVR 9200 PC Upload Hint


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Aug 10, 2019
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Just got the software update as somebody else has mentioned, and the biggest problem I've had is that what used to be ridiculously slow upload to PC via USB turned into completely unreliable upload to PC - could get a single program across. A quick scan of the web gave no clues, but I finally found a comment from somebody that upping the priority of the emedialinker software solves this. I've tried it and can confirm that if you put the priority to Real-Time it seems to work completely fine - no hick-ups or fails and possibly a faster upload speed than I've seen before. Don't do this to you PC if you actually intend to use it for much else right enough though, at least not if it's a humble little 500MHz P3 laptop like mine! Obviously when I go back to the laptop it will have failed, but there you go...


Well the program it was uploading when I typed the message in has indeed failed!!!! How did it know? Does it read the forums?
Seems to be going okay again now though.


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