Humax FoxSat HDR vs SKY +


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Nov 24, 2007
Well i made up mind and purchased the Humax Foxsat pvr and have had it since dec 2008, and i am just gettin used to it since having sky + for the last 3 yrs. IMO it seems a great piece off kit, better build quality and since i only have one feed (live in apartments) from my dish it works a lot better for me than sky + for recording and usability as i can record one channel while watching another albiet with limited channels, and i can set a recording and turn the box off and every recording so far has been made. Also the picture is upscaled and sent to my hd ready tv in 720p (although you can select auto,576i,576p,720p or 1080i) through hdmi cable and seems to produce a better smoother picture with less digital artefacts than from the sky box through scart and BBC HD looks amazing and at last get i dolby digital signal through the amp which was hardly ever on sky as i didnt get movies.Ok i may not have as many channels but saving on subscribtion fees and hopefully all the freeview channels will eventually be added and more hd in the near future as its rolled out on freeview.My only bugbear at the moment is the remote which isnt as user friendly or as responsive as the sky remote.


Hi Gazuk, I echo all of that and I'll add that I think the display is a little bit tacky and the boot time on mine is 30 seconds! Otherwise very pleased.


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