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How To View HDD Recorder Via Two TV's?


New member
Mar 15, 2008

A friend has a Panasonic DMR-HW120 HDD Recorder.

He wants to set it up so that he can view the output through either his main TV or the kitchen TV or both simultaneoulsy.

He connected the HDMI from the unit to his main TV and that works fine.

He then ran a cable from the Panasonic RF out to the RF in of his kitchen TV but can only see freeview and not anything played back from the recorder.

I presume that is due to the recorded content only being sent via the HDMI?

The Panasonic unit only has one HDMI out. I have seen that you can buy a dual HDMI splitter plug which allows for two HDMI cables to be connected via the single HDMI out socket on the Panasonic recorder.

Would this allow the content from the recorder to go directly to both TV's?

Thanks for your help.



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