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How To Set Up Speakers To A Monitor


Good quality speakers are needed whether you are listening to your favourite music or watching a movie on your computer. Not sure how to connect speakers to your computer. The connection is an easy and simple one that can be done in seconds.

In this how to guide, you will find the steps needed for connecting speakers to your computer monitor. The connection does not need any elaborate setup.

Step 1
You need just two cables for connecting the speaker to your monitor. One is the power supply to the speaker. The other cable is the audio jack cable of the speaker which you have to connect to the computer. Both are shown in the images below:


Step 2
Connect the power supply of the speaker to an electric outlet.


Step 3
Connect the audio jack cable to the appropriate socket in the computer. The socket for the audio jack will be situated mostly at the rear of the computer. Look for a green coloured port like in the image below:


Step 4
Plug the audio jack cable of the speaker into the green coloured socket.


Step 5
Since the audio jack socket is present in the rear part of the CPU of the computer it may be difficult to access it sometimes. If so you can also connect the speaker to the computer by another alternative method. You can plug it into the headphone jack in the front of the computer as shown below.


Now turn the speakers and your computer on and you will be able to listen to clear and loud audio.



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