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How to set up speakers for a professional show


A live show seems like a lot of fun to the audience, however, it is really difficult to put on a great show. If you’re an artist who performs live regularly, you know what we’re talking about. There are a number of things that can go wrong because of improper speaker setup. From positioning the speakers to connecting the side devices, there is a lot to keep in mind. Here is how you can set up speakers for a professional show easily.

Step 1
Choose the right speakers

Choosing the perfect speakers depends on several factors such as the size, design and required coverage area of the venue. For example, there are different speakers suitable for an open venue than a closer ceiling venue.


Step 2
Choose the perfect position for speakers

To find the perfect position for the speakers, get the idea of stage and audience seating. Your speakers should be directed towards the centre rather than one particular direction to provide equivalent sound to the audience.


Step 3
Make the connections

Once you’ve positioned the speakers, you need to connect all the devices such as drums, guitars, microphones, sound mixer, etc to the amplifier. Use high-quality cables and connectors for the best sound output. It is advisable to always keep extra wire and connectors in case of emergency.


Step 4
Sound Check

Before kicking off the show do a quick sound-check. A few members of the team/band should go among the audience and figure that sound quality is fine for the audience.


Step 5
Fine-tune sound output

Adjust filters on your speakers accordingly after the soundcheck. Make sure there is no sound distortion. Also, check the reverb and other sound filters.


It makes a lot more than just talent and a great performance to make a hit show. The technical aspects are just as important as anything else for your show.
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