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How to set up in-wall and in-ceiling speakers


In-ceiling and in-wall speakers are best for high-quality sound without destroying your decor. Like music in your house without a speaker occupying much space? What about a surround sound without heavy speakers in your living room? In general, ceiling speakers are good for multi-room music systems.

Here is how you can set up in-wall and in-ceiling speakers by following the steps below.

‘Step 1’
‘Incorporate all of your planning’
, figure out the size of the room and where you’ll want to put your speakers. You may want to ‘keep your speakers at the front, left, right and center’ but spaced far apart so that you can get a better stereo imaging. Then cut out the drywall for installation.


‘Step 2’
Install the frame

The innovative clip-frame ‘aligns into your ceiling or wall cut-out’ . Then it’s secured in place with the securing clamps, they are yellow. They are adjustable, ‘you can loosen and tighten them’ many times as you like without damaging the drywall.


‘Step 3’
Mount the speaker
‘Connect your speaker cable with the terminals’
, and ‘press the unit into your installation frame’ . As it locks into place, make sure you hear the clicks. You can ‘fine-tune the high-frequency’ by ±3dB with the button on the baffle. You can rotate the round speakers in the frame to face the driver across (or down) to the listening position, at the same time, ‘the tweeter can be positioned’ for greater control.


‘Step 4’
Attach the grille

It’s made of magnet, so it just fits into place.

‘You can now easily set up in-wall and in-ceiling speakers by following the above steps’



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