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How to set the decibel value of the central speakers which are to the stereo system


The stereo system becomes extremely effective with the presence of the surround speakers, central speakers as well as the tower speakers. You might want to set different sound decibel values for surround speakers and the central speakers. The ways to do this is extremely easy and can be done through a series of simple steps. Here is how you can set the decibel value of the central speakers that are connected to the stereo system.

‘Step 1’
‘Select the Speakers option’

In the setup menu of the home theater studio system, scroll through the options and ‘Select the Speakers’ option to set the sound level of the central speakers.


‘Step 2’
‘Select the Manual Setup option’

Under the ‘Speakers’ menu, you will view the two different types of speaker setup options. They are Audyssey Setup and Manual Setup options. ‘Click the Manual Setup’ option as shown below.


‘Step 3’
‘Click the levels option’

You will different options like amplitude assign, speaker configuration, distances, level, crossovers, bass when you chose the ‘Manual Setup’ option. ‘Click the levels’ option to set the volume control value of the speakers connected.


‘Step 4’
‘Click the Test Tone Start’

Now, ‘Click the Test Tone Start’ option as shown below. This will enable you to test the sound level of the central speaker after you have connected the central speaker to the home theater system.

‘Step 5’
‘Click the Central option’

As shown below, scroll down to ‘Select the Central’ speaker option to set the decibel sound value based on your desire.


‘Step 6’
‘Use the arrow marks to set the sound value’

You can ‘Press the arrow marks’ as shown below, to either increase or decrease the decibel sound value of the central speakers that are connected to the home theater system.


‘You can thus easily set up the sound decibel values of the central speaker by following the above steps’



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