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How to install headphone amplifiers


A headphone amplifier can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Its basic job is to increase the sound in your headphones to a higher capacity than allowed by your media playing device. It can also serve other purposes such as allowing people on multiple headphones to listen to the same audio source. So, if you own a multi-channel or single channel headphone amplifier, here’s how you can connect it to your headphone. Keep in mind that you will require female audio jacks and an aux cable for this tutorial.

Step 1
Provide power source to the amp.

Your headphone amplifier should have come with a cable and attached battery. Connect it to a power source and plug the cable into the amp.


Step 2
Connect the female aux to the headphone.

The female aux head has an opening at the back of it. Plug your headphone’s jack into this opening. In case your headphone has two jacks, plug them into two different female aux heads.


Step 3
Connect the female aux to the amp.

There will be slots titled ‘channel 1’, ‘channel 2’, etc. on the amp. Plug the aux heads into these slots. If you are using multiple aux heads connect them to adjacent slots.


Step 4
Connect the audio device.

Connect one end of the aux cable to your audio device (laptop, smart phone, etc.). Now connect the other end to the amp in the slot titled ‘input’.

Now turn on your amp and play any media from your device and you will be able to use the amp to control the volume level. If your amp has multiple inputs, then you can connect more than one headphone using the same steps above.


Now you can enjoy your music with better sound quality



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