How to improve my system ?


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi there,

I'm looking for advice on where I should concentrate (i.e. what changes I should make) to improve the general sound quality of my current system. I don't have a fixed budget in mind, so a number of suggestions could be implemented over a period of time. What is (or are) the weak link(s) ?

Thanks for your help, Justin.

System: IncaDesign Katana CD player. Arcam A80 and P90 amplifiers. Monitor Audio S8 speakers (bi-amped). Chord Chorus interconnects (CD to A80) and Chord Chameleon Silver Plus interconnects (between the amps). Nordost Gold Flatline biwire speaker cable. Tacima IF122 mains conditioner. Russ Andrews classic/yello power cables.



Speaking from current personal experience I'd suggest looking at changing the S8's but saying that I don't have any experience of your set-up so the weak link could be somewhere else.

I've currently had the ProAc Studio 140's on home trial and can honestly say they are loads better than my S8's, the tighter bass and more open mid range is superb especially after I added my new CYRUS 8 power amp. After being advised by Andrew Everard, I've also listened to the PMC FB1+ at my local dealers and I'm going to get them on home trial later this week. These too are quite superb compared to the S8's.

It really depends on your budget as these speakers are in the £1450 - £1700 price range.

Hope this helps.



Hi Ian,

Thanks for the tip, worth considering.

Cheers, Justin.


Hi, I eventually settled on Arcam CD36 and Amp A32 with Chord Anthem Interconnects and Chord Epic speaker cables and ProAc D15 floorstanders. All I am missing now is the Mains Purifier. But apart from that I am very happy. Tried the Cyrrus in many disguises: Pre + Power + CD drive and DAC with speakers up to £3k, etc, etc but I couldn't learn to love it. Not enough weight and bass. One dealer actually admitted that this is the nature of ther Cyrrus. The Arcam might be less clear but in my setup they produce some well defined and powerfull bass! I tested the Cyrrus kit because of this magazine and initially discounted Arcam for the same reason. But then I booked a listening with a local dealer who ran me through a few Arcam + Speaker combinations and I eventually settled for the D15 with a down-facing bass driver and it's great. Just need the Mains filter now. The D15s are 400quid dearer that the Studio 140. My 2p worth.