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How To Connect Stereo Speakers To A Computer


Listening to your favourite music or a YouTube video on your computer can be frustrating, if you don’t have the proper speakers. You can easily manage this difficulty by connecting your computer to your stereo speakers.

Not sure how to connect both. Don’t worry; we have just the guide you want. Here is how you can do this and have clear and good quality audio easily.

Step 1

For the connection you will require a Y adapter stereo cable of 3.5 mm diameter. Make sure the adapter cable has two RCA connectors at one end and a mini sized headphone plug at the other end as shown below:


Also make sure the cable length is sufficient enough to cover the distance between your stereo and computer.

Step 2

Identify the line out jack or the headphone jack in your computer.


Insert the headphone plug of the adapter cable into the line out or the headphone jack in the computer.

Step 3

Now insert the other end with two RCA plugs into the tape or AUX inputs present on the rear of the stereo amplifier.


Step 4

For the connection to work you have to change settings in the stereo to Auxillary or Tape input.


The setup is ready now. You can play any audio on your computer and hear it amplified via the stereo system now that you have connected them both.



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