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How to connect musical instruments to a home audio system


Setting up a proper sound system for your musical instruments can be very challenging as well as expensive. However, you can plug in your instruments to your home audio system with the help of a sound mixer. If you do not have a sound mixer, a regular amplifier will work just fine. With the mixer, however, it is quite easy to connect more than 2 devices and fine-tune the sound settings. Here is how you can connect musical instruments to a home audio system.

Step 1
Assemble the devices

First and foremost, you need to assemble all the devices including speakers, amplifiers, musical instruments, cables and connectors at one place. It is recommended to always keep a few extra jack plugs handy.


Step 2
Connect speakers to the Amplifier/Sound Mixer

You need to connect your speakers to the amplifier using XLR cables. Here is how to connect the speakers to the amp or powered mixer.
[*]Connect one end of the cable to the output port of amp/mixer and rotate it to lock.


[*]Connect the other end of the cable to the input port of the speaker.


Step 3
Connect the musical instruments to the Amp/Mixer

Next, you need to connect all your musical instruments to the powered mixer. For example, you can connect a mic, a guitar, drums etc simultaneously. Here is how to connect your musical instruments with the amp/mixer.
[*] Connect one end of the cable to the input port of the amp/mixer.


[*] Connect the other end of the cable to your mic, guitar, drums etc.


Step 4
Switch on the electric supply

Lastly, you need to switch on the electric supply to your amp/mixer and speakers.


Well, here you go, all set to jam on your home audio system. Use a high-quality powered mixer to improve the fun at your next jamming or recording session.



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