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How to connect multiple subwoofers to a home theatre system


More than often the AV receiver and subwoofer connection of your home theatre system does not contain enough power to bring out the full potential of the speakers. In such a case you need to connect multiple subwoofers to the system. You may already have a subwoofer connected to the AV receiver, but if you follow the steps below you can connect multiple subwoofers to it.

Keep in mind that you will need a two head female RCA cable along with the normal RCA cables for this purpose.

Step 1
Disconnect your subwoofer from the AV receiver.

Your AV receiver and subwoofer are usually connected via a single head RCA cable. Disconnect it from both ends.


Step 2
Connect the RCA cable to your AV receiver.

The end of the dual head RCA cable that has a single head will need to be connected to any of the channels of the AV receiver. Preferably connect it to the port from where you disconnected the original RCA cable.


Step 3
Connect the RCA cable to your subwoofers.

Now take two different RCA cables and plug them into the female heads of the dual channel RCA cable connected to your AV receiver. Then plug each individual RCA cable into the ‘input’ ports of the two subwoofers you want to connect.

If you followed all the steps correctly both your subwoofers should have been connected to the AV receiver and both of these can now be used to control the sound.


If you wish to connect more than two subwoofers than follow the steps again but use a second input channel for the third and fourth subwoofers.



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