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Aug 10, 2019
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After making a mess of my last post, hopefully I have made this clearer.

My budget is £900. My questions are:-

1) Will this kit be any good with the stuff I already have?

2) Is the Marantz NA7004 better than the Denon DNP-720?

3)Am I better going for the Denon RCD N7 or the Marantz MCR603?

4) Does anyone have any suggestions?

Marantz cd6004, Marantz pm6004 AMP, Denon DNP-720 network, Synology DS212J 1TB (all wired not wireless).

The kit I alreasy have:-

Chord Silver Screen speaker cable (Chord fited banana plugs), clearer audio copper line mains, tacima C929conditioner block, Chord Crimson Plus RCA's, QA 2020i speakers x2, Z2 stands, Atacama Equinox Hi-Fi Rack. WIFI ROUTER, 8 socket gigabyte ethernet switch. This is specifically for a music room 4m Long x 5.7m Wide x 4.5m High. Thanks, again sorry for the previous post.


Having owned the CR603; its a superb piece of kit and works very well indeed. I've heard it against the PM6004/CD6004 set up (with KEF R100's at that time) and it held its own with no issues.

The plus point of the CR603 is that its all in one box; fewer wires and more usability (FM/AM radio, DAB radio, Internet radio, CD player, wifi/airplay (with the upgraded software) etc... That was the main reason I chose it!

I've no experience of the Denon so cant comment but if you trawl round the internet; you'll see the rave reviews the CR603 gets; it really is that good! :D

The Marantz NA7004 is better then the Denon streamer BUT only in looks and with a bit of a deeper soundstage; thats it IMO. TBH the Denon is at such an amazing price it'd be daft for anyone to pay more than that.

The rest of your kit is bob-on so I wouldnt change any of it (well apart from dont bother using the Tacima conditioner with the system; for me I found it to drown the sound a little and when I went back to a standard mains block it was like someone lifted a veil off the the speakers)!


Thanks for your input. I thinks its going to be the 603. Cheers.