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Home Network Audio Setup - Advice Please


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Jun 9, 2020
Hi Guys,
I've just purchased a new house which has an older Xantech multi-room sound system installed and each of the rooms has in-ceiling speakers and a control panel (see pic below). Cat5 cables connect the system. I havent been able to confirm, but the current owner mentioned its not working properly any more and the installer went out of business. It looks like the in-room keypads are Xantech LC4KP units.

I'm looking to have this replaced with a more modern system, so maybe newer speakers and upgraded wall control panels (touchscreen). A picture (sorry for quality) of the current panels is below but was hoping maybe a touch screen replacement would be better.
I'm not an expert on whats available on the market so hoping for some practical advice here.
I will have a central NAS installed, mainly for video but also have my audio collection stored on this, so it would be good if there was an option to select radio or the NAS source for music. I'm not sure if possible but it would be good (probably more for the kids!) if they could bluetooth to the room speakers/panel in order to play their own music from their phones/tablets if this is is possible.
Sorry in advance if these are basic questions but again, would welcome any advice/guidance as to what options are out there.



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