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Aug 10, 2019
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I have just bought a new tv Samsung LE40M86BD, I'm interested in buying the Onkyo TX-SR875 av receiver , I cannot afford to buy some decent speakers yet. Would it be ok to connect the receiver to the tv enabling me to upscale video content without damaging the tv speakers. I have no knowledge of receiver and speaker technology. My wife does not like traditional speaker packages she wants style speaker packages Please can you help.

My lounge is 21ft X 10ft.


David Iley


Well, what DVD player are you using?

Reason for asking is that if you buy an AV amp today, even a really good one like the Onkyo, but can't afford speakers, you really wasting your money on the amp.

If you don't buy speakers to go with it, just grab a good but inexpensive DVD player that upscales, like the Toshiba 370 or for a little more a Denon DVD1940. This will sort out your image.

If you do it this way round and wait until you can afford speakers AND the amp, you'll be in a position to benefit from price drops and wider ranges of products on offer as well as actual availability of the Onkyo, which is shipping rather late it seems.

If you have to go for style speakers, the two I'd look at for a receiver of that quality are the B&W MT30 package or the KEF KHT 3005 5.1 (£599 from Superfi) and consider buying 2 extra speakers to make it up to a 7.1 speakers system. The Onkyo can handle it and it's worth it.

I simply wouldn't bother buying your amp until you're ready to buy your speakers as well.


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