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Aug 10, 2019
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Hi, now that I've joined this forum I've got loads and loads of questions, but I'll take them one at at time. here goes.

I've read numerous posts on using good quality leads (rubbish in rubbish out etc) so this my question. I'm no expert on television construction. So what would be the point in fitting a high quality scart lead, from say a dvd player to the tv. If once inside the tv ,the wires that conect the scart plug to the circuit board are of poor quality. Just a thought.



You are 100% correct. Why buy a 42 inc Bush TV and connect it with a good quality QED HDMI or Scart to your SKYHD Box or SKYDIGIBOX. Having said that there are some really good Upscaling DVD players out there and I been recommended to buy a QED HDMI lead at £50.00, though I will need one 3mtrs in length which will cost me arounf £60.00. My Samsung DVD HD870 only cost me £70 too.....so I can see your point.

The important thing to find out either from the Specs or by contacting the manufacturer as to what other quality components and cable connections they are in the DVD player ot TV for that matter and then work around that.

But sometimes an HDMI or SCART lead will cost you a bit if you need to buy more than say 1 Mtr depending on where you site your peripheral equipment


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