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Apr 4, 2022
So my system at the moment is as below:
  • Turntable
    Thorens TD166 MKII
  • Speakers
    Roth Oli + AKG k550 Headphones
  • Amplifiers
    Marantz PM5005
  • Turntable Cartridge
    Ortofon 2M Blue

    So I am now wanting a little more from my system as I am moving it into my home office (small box room) and well fancy an upgrade. I mostly run my Cans to be honest but do like the option of playing through speakers from time to time when the baby is not asleep and all I play is vinyl.

    So would I be best keeping my current speakers as its a small box room and getting a new amp or doing a speaker upgrade. What will give me more bang for my buck so to speak.......

    I was looking at the Marantz PM6007 or some Q Acoustics 3030i's....... or is there another route I should go down.

    Advice/help warmly received so suggest away
Welcome to the forum.
If your amp is still working fine I would be concentrating on the speaker angle, depending on just how small that room actually is.
The 3030I might not be ideal however as they are rear-ported and quite deep dimension wise. Will they be going on stands?


Jan 29, 2013
the amp you have is the very bottom rung of the Marantz ladder, I would suggest changing that.
if you are not averse to buying used, a second hand Leema pulse would give you a significant lift in quality, and the phono stage in the Leema is very good indeed. You’ll probably get one for similar money to the 6007.
then see how the speakers react to that. 👍
I would second the Leema pulse mk1 amazing amplifier.
I would agree if one could be sourced around the same price as a Marantz 6007, it would definitely be an improvement.
My concern would be getting speakers that work well in a small room to do it justice.
That said the Roths may be adequate, can't say I have heard them, but they were only £99 when they first came out.
If you cannot get speakers to work well in that environment it really doesn't matter what amp you drive them with.


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Nov 11, 2021
I would keep the QA 3030i's, great speakers and you'll spend a lot of cash to better them.

I use them in my office system with a QA 3070 sub (which all the reviews hate) run through a small Vincent SV200 hybrid tube amp and they sound is fantastic at all but stupid volumes with plenty of bottom end.

I have (although don't at the moment) run a Pro-Ject X2 with Ortophon Bronze via a Tube Box S and again the sound is great.

The moral is mix and match carefully after listening to the short-list options. As I have said elsewhere on the Forum, I got this system largely in the sales and off eBay so you don't have to spend big bucks to get a sweet sounding system.


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Sep 29, 2013
  • I was looking at the Marantz PM6007 or some Q Acoustics 3030i's....... or is there another route I should go down.

    Advice/help warmly received so suggest away

From my experience both Cambridge gear and Denon play better with Q Acoustic speakers. Regarding the 3030i's have your heard them yet? If not you will need to take into consideration your own music tastes. I find the 3030i's are smooth and have a tad to much bass for my liking which can interfere with the other frequencies. For better clarity for similar money if clarity is more to your liking I would recommend the Q Acoustic Concept 20's a tremendous little speaker that is still available from Amazon.

I have a Marantz PM8005 amplifier and find KEF and Tannoy speakers work extremely well with the Marantz sound. Another option you could consider would be Monitor Audio great speakers for not much money. 👇🏻



Apr 4, 2022
Thank you for all your help.

Bit of a curve but what about if I got a dedicated headphone amp instead as I mostly use my AKG 550's ??


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